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10 Things your customers wish you knew about them

31 Oct

Great infographic, with some strong insights: let’s not forget that 15 minutes in paradise is better than 5 minutes in hell!

The last one is especially good too – raising the issue of money, in fact grounding the whole relationship on money and price can all too easily backfire if the outcome is to condition the customer into overly focusing on the cost.

10 Things your customers wish you knew about them [INFOGRAPHIC].


Barclays’ employees to be rewarded on good customer service

30 Oct

Interesting! “the key to Barclays’ long-term success is the level of service we provide, not how many products we sell” – will affect bonus pay, 100% by the looks of it. 
File under “sign of the times”! – Employees to be rewarded on good customer service.

Apple’s Tim Cook shows ruthless streak in firing executives, and insight into Apple culture

30 Oct

Fascinating analysis of today’s Apple news, especially this paragraph:

“The departure …. will come as a relief to many in Apple’s stores: staff disliked the measures he tried to put in place (until reversed by Cook) of making them profit-driven – something that they disliked in a culture which for 10 years had thrived on simply offering good customer service”.

via Apple’s Tim Cook shows ruthless streak in firing maps and retail executives | Technology |

Porsche’s battle to improve customer service and the Net Promoter Score | Econsultancy

30 Oct

Nice article, good quote too, that strikes at the heart of NPS mythology – “Really the NPS doesn’t have much business value, it’s just an indication of the customer’s view at that moment in time. The real business value comes from the words people use in their verbatim answers.”

Porsche’s battle to improve customer service and the Net Promoter Score | Econsultancy.

Australia’s ‘shonkiest’ products named and shamed

30 Oct

Consumer watchdog Choice, which runs the annual Shonky Awards to highlight “unscrupulous” products, that mislead consumers named eight lemons on this year’s list. A classic list of take-your-breath away over-claims!

via Australia’s ‘shonkiest’ products named and shamed.

How treating your employees like turtles can smother innovation | Fast Company

29 Oct

Good stuff… the challenge = “Despite all the cries for more innovation we routinely hear in many companies, the truth we too often find is that most organizations have overlaid a pastiche of initiatives on top of a command-and-control structure designed for a mass production era”. The outcome? We act like turtles, and that’s not good.

How Treating Your Employees Like Turtles Can Smother Innovation | Fast Company.

CX Journey: What’s Your Customer Effort (Score)?

29 Oct

Good piece from Annette Franz Gleneicki on the Customer Effort metric, a fast growing idea, that essentially is about “ease of doing business”.

There’s more good stuff to share on this, the Henley Centre in the UK have done a good analysis on the different TYPES of effort that companies put us consumers through.

In the meantime, the last word from Annette: “My local UPS and FedEx drivers, as well as my mailman, all know my taste in clothes, shoes, home furnishings, etc.! So when it comes to online purchases and returns, I do have a certain set of expectations about the amount of effort I ought to put forth to complete the transactions. This is one of the reasons Amazon tops my list of fav online shopping sites. Effortless. Accurate.Swift. Yes!”

CX Journey: What’s Your Customer Effort (Score)?.

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