About me

Are you (customer) experienced, as the late, great Jimi Hendrix might have asked? Put another way, do we need another customer experience blog…?

Well, maybe I can add some value. Let’s hope so. Few could deny that customer experience (that is, actually doing it, consistently, day in, day out) as opposed to talking about it (very popular), and promising it (witness, well, most advertising) is growing in importance. Let’s face it, its time has come, it is probably the new battlefield where companies will increasingly slug it out. And the great news is, the customer is now judge and jury.

Now, doing the right thing for the customer, delivering a good and memorable experience, isn’t rocket science. Or it shouldn’t be. It’s pretty intuitive. And of course, we’re all customers too, so we know what a good experience feels like, and the same goes for a bad one.

And yet, it’s bloody hard to get right. Day in, day out, year in year out. Even more so if you happen not to work at Zappos, Apple, Innocent, Virgin, Southwest Airlines or any of these other oft-quoted (and rightly so) customer experience exemplars.

I think the real customer experience challenge lies in large, well established, sitting-quite-pretty-today-thankyou businesses. How on earth do you make lasting change sustainable?

After 25 years in financial services – spanning marketing, R&D, product development, big change, internet start ups, corporate strategy and of course, customer experience – this is what fascinates me (but look away now, if you think I have the answers!)

Anyway, customer experience is my passion, I’m a big fan of the customer journey mapping discipline, and an accredited Net Promoter score associate.

I blogged for my previous employer, with a round up of good and challenging customer experience stuff from the outside world, so I’m just carrying on what I started. I sort and sift so you don’t have to. And I’m keen to solve the riddle, how to truly change big companies. I’d love to create a conversation around all this, so please talk to me and share too.


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