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The psychology that drives how we shop and buy – infographic

16 Nov

This is a great infographic from on the six universal heuristics (rules of thumb) that rule how we shop, applied to the new world of social commerce.

It covers ‘social proof’ – who we turn to for validation and when we need to decide -, the role of authority – who we regard as ‘experts’ – and my favourite, Reciprocity: “we have an innate desire to repay favours in order to maintain social fairness whether those favours were invited or not”.

Some clear implications for the world of business – not only do we see peer-to-peer advice and support growing rapidly as the old ‘authorities’ are weakened by failures in trust, but we also see companies experimenting with ‘generosity’, in other words, giving in order to get, via (horrible phrase!) Random acts of Kindness.


36 new rules of social media

12 Nov

Great pot-pourri of key learnings around social media, for example, #s 1 and 30

1 = if all you do is respond to complaints, that’s all people will send you , and…

30 = contests and sweepstakes are fine…. if (all you ever want to do is) encourage short relationships

How to calculate lifetime value – Infographic

9 Nov

Really useful IG on LTV from Vishal Kumar

How To Calculate Lifetime Value [Infographic] | @VishalTx @GeekONome.

The rise of the social consumer – infographic

8 Nov

Great infographic from, on the rise of the social consumer.

In other words the new social media user, who screens out ads, who uses informal recommendations, who expects more interaction from companies (engagement, entertainment, and to have their voice genuinely heard) and who may well be setting the bar for how all businesses will need to deal with all customers in the future.

Contrast is made throughout between the old guard CRM and the new guard of social CRM; underpinning this evolution is a fundamental shift in the balance of power, from “big company” to once-powerless-now-less-so consumers.

10 Things your customers wish you knew about them

31 Oct

Great infographic, with some strong insights: let’s not forget that 15 minutes in paradise is better than 5 minutes in hell!

The last one is especially good too – raising the issue of money, in fact grounding the whole relationship on money and price can all too easily backfire if the outcome is to condition the customer into overly focusing on the cost.

10 Things your customers wish you knew about them [INFOGRAPHIC].

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