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“We have the world’s best customers and the world’s best employees” : USAA CEO on film

22 Nov

(Photo credit: Wikipedia)

USAA is one to follow with interest;  a stellar performer in customer experience, as measured by Net Promoter. Here is the CEO on the CEO TV show talking about leadership, mission and surviving in dire economic times.

It’s always good to see a CEO use the c-word, customer, and hear him articulate what is in effect the classic ‘service profit’ chain. When asked about the key to success he talks about having a strong team around him, all focused on taking care of the customer…..and if you do this, your customers provide the profitability you need.

And he signals his respect and appreciation for his customers with the statement, “we have the best customers in the world”, and says the same of his employees too, because of course, you can’t have great customers (and great customer experiences) without great employees to begin with.


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