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‘Falling down’ meets bad customer service. Great short film.

23 Nov

Remember Michael Douglas in Falling Down?

Well, if his beef had been with a call centre, perhaps it would have gone a little like this. Here is a great short film (very cool production values too!) from Sam Kaplan and Michael Williams on the perils of ‘BCS’, that’s Bad Customer Service, to you and me.

Cover of "Falling Down"

Cover of Falling Down

I’ll let the film-makers’ own intro on their site speak for itself:

“The customer service representative hits us at our most vulnerable.  When we are in need of help, when desperation is upon us, when whatever crucial tool of our modern existence has failed us, that  is the moment when BCS inevitably pounces. And so we determined to make a statement about BCS and broadcast it to one and all”.

And, yes, as they say, there is a serious point behind all this too. The fact is, none of us voluntarily chooses to ring up a call centre. When we do, we need help now, and yes, we are indeed often feeling pretty vulnerable too. If you track the highs and lows of a  typical call centre experience – broken down into its constituent parts; waiting; navigation; human contact – it can indeed be an emotional roller-coaster ride. While doing a Michael Douglas may be a tad extreme, you can at least enjoy this film!

Click here to watch the Please Hold Film – Home.

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