USAA CEO talks about the ‘bigger mission’

15 Nov

USAA (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

USAA (insurance and banking group, for military personnel and families) consistently scores the highest NPS of any business in the US, and that includes Apple.

Watch the CEO, Wayne Peacock talk firstly about the expected impact of new technology (clue: huge), and then on their three key imperatives as a business, and how they work to connect their products to the ‘bigger picture’ in their customers’ lives.

Interesting to hear an insurer (of all things!) talking about wanting to be a “relationship driven” company too. Obviously, it’s working – its customers love the company, it has the highest NPS in America and a customer retention rate that’s truly stellar.


2 Responses to “USAA CEO talks about the ‘bigger mission’”

  1. john April 2, 2013 at 3:03 pm #

    Sorry, but I for one cannot provide a ringing endorsement for USAA. At one time several years ago I would have immediately. Under the current management and leadership I have seen marked changes toward a “big business” approach. That’s a negative in my mind. Notice all the million dollar ads you now see on TV. They just aren’t customer oriented any more. Sad.

    • Rod's Round Up April 2, 2013 at 3:34 pm #

      Thanks John, you’re most likely closer to it now than me – I observe from across in the UK. Given what you say, it would be sad….what I do see is so many businesses setting out to be different etc, and then hitting commercial realities/market calls to cut costs/deliver more etc. Are ALL businesses doomed to undergo this? Certainly, “million dollar ads” often simply serve to highlight the growing gap between the ‘promise’ and the reality.

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